The Steel Angel award 

An annual award for the best alpine ascent performed by a female team

The Steel Angel award has been presented annually since 2008 (with the exception of 2020 when the award ceremony was suspended due to COVID-19). Primarily, the long-list of the award featured female teams from Russia and CIS countries, although in 2017 and 2018, there were also nominees from Latvia.

Recently, the Award Committee decided to make the award international, and starting from 2024, invitations are extended to female teams from different countries to participate.

We are delighted and proud to welcome female climbers among the nominees for the Steel Angel Award 2024!

Also, if  you have any information on exciting projects and remarkable ascents accomplished by female teams from December 1, 2023 to October 1, 2024, please feel free to share it with us via email at

“Steel Angel”: women’s climbing award

We’re shaping the future of mountaineering, empowering female climbers with the liberty to choose their own unique path.

Liana Darenskaya. Co-founder of the Steel Angel award

“Steel Angel”: women’s climbing award

15th Steel Angel award winners 

Galina Terentyeva and Olga Lukashenko for free climbing completion of Perestroyka Crack route 5.12-, 7b or 7а/A2,1000 m, Faivre, Gentet, Givet and Roche), Slesov peak, Karavshin


“Steel Angel”: women’s climbing award

The introduction of the Steel Angel Award to the international community

This year, the Award Committee is going to make the award international, and starting from 2024, invitations are...
“Steel Angel”: women’s climbing award

The Steel Angel Award Ceremony 2023

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“Steel Angel”: women’s climbing award

Expert Jury of the 15th Anniversary Steel Angel Award

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“Steel Angel”: women’s climbing award

The DNA of the Steel Angel Award 

At the core of mountaineering lies the essence of challenge. At the core of any award, there is an inherent vector for the advancement of a particular sphere of activity.

In the DNA of many women lies the same passion as that of men: passion for adventure, affinity for mountains, determination to defy heights, sheer cliffs, and the uncharted realms of mountain peaks. Ascending as an all-female team represents the ultimate challenge.

Just as for men, ambitions serve as a motivating factor for women. They are propelled by the same aspirations for infinite growth and refinement.

For many years in the global mountaineering community, there has existed an award that acts as a vector for shaping global trends in mountaineering: the Piolets d’Or. However, in all these years, no female team has claimed this accolade. Similarly, in the history of Russian mountaineering, no female team has secured victories in championships or climbing competitions. Therefore, in 2008, we established the Steel Angel Award.

Irina Morozova, creator of the prize for all-female teams ascents and co-founder of the “Steel Angel” award

“Steel Angel”: women’s climbing award

The inspiration of female alpinism

Female mountaineering is not about numbers. It matters not who has climbed more pitches, who has spent more nights on a wall or hammered in more hooks. Those are men who care the most about all that, about difficulty and challenges, whereas female mountaineering is all about motivation. First of all, all the nominees of this award enjoy the process of climbing a mountain, the process of launching an expedition. They enjoy the good company, their unique female charm and atmosphere. This is why it matters not, whether they climb an easy route in Crimea or an extremely difficult wall in Caracorum.

Arkady Klepinin. Co-founder of the Steel Angel Award. CEO of Alpex, the official Russian distributor of Grivel

“Steel Angel”: women’s climbing award

We are pleased and proud to welcome you among the nominees for the Steel Angel Award 2024!

“Steel Angel”: women’s climbing award